Combine head and body

In this page, I try to combine 2 images to one. Young man’s head with old man’s body.

First, I need to make head and body.

I make head at first. Use Pen tool for his skin and use Quick Selection tool for his head (check this page). Don’t forget to add Feather his skin’s selection.

From Old man’s image, make the body like the above.

Leave his neck but hide his neck by layer mask because his neck may be useful when you combine with other people’s head.

Next, Let’s combine two parts. The order is important. In this case, the body’s layer must be above the head’s layer.

If you put layer’s correctly, you will see like this. 

Compare this image with original his body to avoid too big head or too small head. People are very sensitive to the balance of body.

I need more his neck, So I use Clone Stamp tool.

Add a new layer between body and head

And use Clone Stamp tool.

Next, Use Liquify in ‘Filter’ to change the shape of colar.

Next page, I tell you the different skill to combine.

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