Make the sizes

One of the first task is the making canvas sizes. If you have a several enough canvas sizes, you don’t need waste your time to make canvas every time.

How can you set it? It is easy.


  1.  Go to ‘File‘ and choose ‘New
  2. You get the popup of  ‘New document’. And Click the icon  of upper right side
  3. Write the name of canvas and width and height.  Other things is not needed to touch.( The resolution is 300 pixel/inch, RGB 8 bit etc)
  4. Click ‘Save

Sizes of Canvas for Photos in Japan is like this;

  • L  89*127mm
  • Square 89*89mm
  • D-KG 102*135 mm
  • KG 102*152mm
  • 2L 127*178mm
  • 6   203*254mm
  • A4  210*297mm
  • 4   254*305mm
  • 4W  254*365mm
  • A3   305*420mm
You should set all canvas sizes before you start your jobs

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