Basic skill of cut out hair

Quick Selection tool‘ and ‘Select and Mask‘ is basic for cut the model’s hair naturally.

In this above movie, We can change the background of the model by using this skills.

  1.  Choose the model’s layer
  2. Choose Quick selection tool in the left tool box
  3. Select the hair of the model roughly by Quick Selection tool
  4. Go to ‘Select ‘ and ‘Select and Mask
  5. You will get the specific window of Select and Mask. Choose ‘Refine Edge Brush tool‘ in the left column and move the brush along with the edge of hair.
  6. Choose ‘New layer with Layer Mask‘ for ‘outout to’ selection.

Until now, almost good but there are some problems. See the below image. This is a part of her hair. We can see some background blue color in her brown hair.

This is because the selection is not perfect. Choose the layer mask of the model’s layer and click and push Alt key at the same time. We can see the black and white image of the layer mask. Black means no information and White means the information.Black part has no information, so we can see the background from here. 

So What we can do for it is paint white color.

  1. Choose white brush and paint

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